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Effective Network Monitoring Techniques for Your Business

For your business to succeed, all departments must work to the best of their ability. Your IT network needs to operate the same way. That’s where network monitoring comes in. Discover the most effective network monitoring techniques to drive your business to success.  What Is Network Monitoring? Network monitoring refers to checking and optimizing essential […]

Businesses on Facebook Are Being Targeted by Password-Stealing Malware

With over two billion registered users, Facebook has become a target for advanced malware campaigns. These phishing campaigns steal unsuspecting users’ information. Businesses on Facebook are being targeted by password-stealing malware. What Is Malware? Malware is an insidious software that steals sensitive information from victims. The software exploits weak points in a device’s security framework […]

Sensitive Information on Thousands of Companies Was Leaked

Sensitive information leaks can give cybercriminals access to bank account information, passwords, and other important data. Many companies, government agencies, and schools had to handle a dangerous situation. Learn more about this cybersecurity problem and how it can harm a business.  The National Safety Council’s Role The National Safety Council (NSC) is a non-profit organization […]

Using Data Analytics to Drive Business Growth

In this day and age, collecting information has become super easy. Thanks to tech advances, businesses gather information from almost anything. The challenge is making sense of all the data. How Data Analytics Helps You Data analytics is like your business’s magnifying glass. Instead of guessing, you can make choices based on real facts. Here’s […]

What You Need To Know About Apple’s Latest Security Update

Apple’s latest security update is here and addresses a few concerns regarding user privacy. Installing this software update can protect you from hackers who can target you via some vulnerabilities within the Apple operating system. Learn more about the vulnerabilities fixed by this update and how you can protect yourself and your devices from savvy […]

Threat Actors Are Using Fake AI To Steal Business Data

Many business owners demand software featuring artificial intelligence for its productivity capabilities. Some hackers exploit this demand by publishing targeted Facebook advertisements to garner business data, using advanced digital marketing tools for nefarious purposes. Discover the details surrounding the fake AI Facebook ads stealing business data below.  What the Ads Promise A report by Trend […]

Tactics To Fight Distributed Spam Distraction and Protect Your Productivity

You check your inbox daily for important emails that help move your business operations forward. But what happens if you’re the target of a distributed spam distraction attack? This common cyber threat floods your inbox with thousands of emails that contain different spam messages.   Read on to learn how to fight distributed spam distraction threats […]

Ways SaaS Can Transform Your Business

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is one of the most innovative technology solutions businesses worldwide rely on. There are so many benefits to implementing this service in your business. Discover how SaaS can help your company succeed in an intensely competitive market.  What Is SaaS? – The Basics Companies are using cloud-based services to […]

Staying Safe from Phishing Scams

Hackers steal personal information from people who are vulnerable by making fake websites and sending phishing emails. If you fall for a phishing scam, private information like your credit card number could fall into the wrong hands. You can protect yourself from hackers in several ways, which is good news.  How Do Hackers Scam People? […]

HTTPS and Why it Matters for Your Business

IT professionals recommend securing your business’s website with HTTPS instead of basic HTTP. What is this web component, and why is it important for your business? Get answers to these questions and more in this helpful guide.  What Is HTTPS? If you type any site into a web browser, you’ll find one of two prefixes […]